Prospective Employers

Our all-encompassing services give employers the assurance that their labour needs will be readily met so that they can redirect their focus to the other elements of their business. Our Group understands the unique technical requirements of a number of niche markets and our expertise is evidenced in our high rate of customer retention and satisfaction.

Our insistence on superior workmanship in the healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, and retail sectors from entry-level to management sets us apart from the competition and has marked us among the preferred labour solutions in Singapore. Send us your manpower requirements, budget, timeframe, and any other specific needs you may have and we can begin to develop a mutually beneficial partnership!

Recruitment Agent

Because we are entrusting our reputation to the candidates our recruiters find, we insist on agencies that are trustworthy, reputable, and consistently meet or exceed our exacting specifications.  Our quality control process is ISO-9001:2008 certified, and we expect our clients to match our commitment to outstanding management, ethical conduct, and thorough attention to the details of our customers’ needs.

We work with agencies the world over and are always eager to branch into new markets. Contact us if you have the credentials and proven history to stand out – send your qualifications, domain specializations, and the volume of recruitment you are able to provide so that we can build a working relationship.


We look for outstanding talent to meet all of our customers’ needs.  We will consider any candidate sufficiently qualified for the position at hand.

If you are interested in working in Singapore, submit your CV: we will keep it in our database for consideration on any future positions for which you may be qualified.