As Singapore's population both increase in number and age, there is an urgently growing demand in the healthcare sector for medical specialists, doctors, and nurses to prevent a shortfall.

A leading healthcare provider

Our Group is uniquely equipped to address the burgeoning needs of the Singapore healthcare system.  Experienced in recruiting qualified nurses overseas and having expanded our scope to include doctors and intensively-trained specialists, we are poised to keep pace with expansion in the sector.

We have demonstrated our capabilities to the extent that our Group has already received major assignments from six of the primary healthcare clusters in Singapore (Alexandra Health, Eastern Health Alliance, Jurong Health Services, National Healthcare Group, National University Health System, and SingHealth), proving that we are a trusted source for large-scale recruitment.  We will continue to seek out top-tier medical professionals the world over to meet projected growth in the field.

Contact us for more information on how we can keep your hospital or clinic well-staffed with the best Allied Health Professional, nurses and healthcare specialists available.

Recruiting nurses with passion

We have been diligently building a reputation in healthcare. Since we began nursing recruitment in 2003, 2000 Recruitment has become a leading provider of qualified personnel in the healthcare industry. Nursing remains our predominant focus as we ensure that every candidate we recruit has passed the Singapore Nursing Board Exam and possesses sufficient experience to handle the intended workload. Our streamlined process helps hospitals and clinics:

  • Maintain an adequate staff to deal with the fluctuating flow of patients
  • Avoid costly and time-consuming hiring procedures
  • Source candidates who provide top-tier medical services

What’s more, we do our best to find the candidates who are driven to deliver the compassionate patient care and bedside manners befitting a nurse. They understand that nursing entails more than a usual job, requiring a warm and nurturing disposition to create a healing atmosphere.  Their caring demeanour is coupled with extensive experience and thorough training that combine to form an unmatched confidence and efficiency.  This assures our customers that the nurses we recruit will not only demonstrate excellent proficiency in their procedures but will also present a caring face for the healthcare institution.  We work to ensure that every candidate will reflect well on our own reputation as well as that of our discerning partners as they create a holistic healing environment.