Over the past fifteen years the Our Group has defined itself as the premier overseas recruitment firm in Singapore. We've gathered some of the more noteworthy achievements of our development in the timeline below:


2000 Recruitment Pte Ltd is founded as a provider of foreign labour, primarily in the hospitality , food & beverage, aviation, logistics and manufacturing sectors.


We diversify our service range to include the recruitment of nurses and other skilled medical professionals, quickly becoming a preferred source of manpower for government hospitals.


Our Group attains ISO 9001 certification, which evidences our detailed documentation procedures and the dedication to quality assurance throughout our operation.


We expand our healthcare recruitment area to include India and the Philippines, which attracts additional attention from the  healthcare clusters.


We form another subsidiary , Sino-Star Enterprise Pte Ltd, exclusively to provide naturalization services, counselling, and housing assistance to our hired candidates as they first come to Singapore.

The Group expands recruitment to healthcare specialists from China with plans in place to develop further partnerships in the region.


2000 Recruitment begins recruitment of doctors and medical professionals from India, the Philippines, and the United States in addition to relocating our operation to a larger workplace to accommodate additional growth.


The Group continues to expand its operation, opening an independent office in San Francisco, branching to recruit skilled executive and management professionals, and working to extend our reach to continue hiring candidates from all over the globe.